A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea

Livre numérique

Asha Pearse | Lucy Bell

Edité par Flowerpot Children's press

A sailor went to sea, sea, sea... so what did he see, see, see? Come aboard with a brave young sailor and his kitty cat for an adventure on the high seas!


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Do Your Ears Hang Low | Andrea Doss

Do Your Ears Hang Low

Livre numérique | Andrea Doss | Flowerpot Children's press

Do your ears hang low?

Miss Mary Mack | Lucy Bell

Miss Mary Mack

Livre numérique | Lucy Bell | Flowerpot Children's press

This classic childhood song paired with fun illustrations is sure to have you and your little one singing and laughing along during storytime!

Les aventures de Tom Sawyer | Dan Gibson

Les aventures de Tom Sawyer

Livre numérique | Dan Gibson | Flowerpot Children's press

Les aventures de Tom Sawyer se sont passées il y a bien longtemps en Amérique à l'époque de la conquête de l'ouest, des cowboys et des Indiens. C'est l'histoire d'un garçon un peu sauvage, comme l'était son pays à cette époque.Ce ...

Alice au pays des merveilles | Lewis Carroll

Alice au pays des merveilles

Livre numérique | Lewis Carroll | Flowerpot Children's press

C’est l’histoire d’une petite fille prénommée Alice, qui vivait il n’y a pas si longtemps de ca dans un lieu pas très loin d’ici. Alice a vécu des aventures incroyables dans un lieu qu’on appelle le Pays des Merveilles...Ce livre ...

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer | Dan Gibson

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Livre numérique | Dan Gibson | Flowerpot Children's press

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer took place way back when America was still growing west and the land was a little wild and full of adventure. It’s the story of a boy who was a lot like that land.This book is also available in French:...

Alice in wonderland | George Bridge

Alice in wonderland

Livre numérique | George Bridge | Flowerpot Children's press

Alice was furiously swiping away the attacking cards when she heard a familiar voice... “Alice! Wake up!” shouted her sister. And Alice woke up. She was back by the river. As she sat up, she finished brushing away the leaves that ...

Wizard of Oz | Asha Pearse

Wizard of Oz

Livre numérique | Asha Pearse | Flowerpot Children's press

Follow five FRIENDS on a magical ADVENTURE down the YELLOW brick road.

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Hide & Seek Under The Sea | B. Snipp

Hide & Seek Under The Sea

Livre numérique | B. Snipp | Flowerpot Children's press

Hi there! This is a fun book where we play hide and seek. If you think you'd like to play it is okay to take a peek. When you're ready just say "go!" I will hide inside the book, and the undersea creatures will all try to help y...

Cat's Paris | Nathalie Infante

Cat's Paris

Livre numérique | Nathalie Infante | Éditions Marie-Louise

Let me introduce myself, my name is Misty, I’m a cat I live in Paris, In this apartment building next to the bakery Where my friend Caramel Lives so well. He spends his time eating croissants, Licking lollipops, Watching ladies g...

Three Little Kittens | Paulette Rich Long

Three Little Kittens

Livre numérique | Paulette Rich Long | Flowerpot Children's press

Join three little kittens in their mischief with mittens in this classic Mother Goose tale, ending the way every good nursery rhyme should: with mother's homemade pie and kisses goodnight.

Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone | Melissa Everett

Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone

Livre numérique | Melissa Everett | Flowerpot Children's press

Where, oh where has my little dog gone?

My First Illustrated Bible | Pascale Lafond

My First Illustrated Bible

Livre numérique | Pascale Lafond | Flowerpot Children's press

For thousands of years, stories from the Bible have been teaching people from all ages.

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